Monday, April 11, 2011

Video game review: ENSLAVE: Odyssey to the West

As many of my friends and followers know,I am now the owner of an XBOX 360. So I thought it would be time for me to talk about one of the games that I am playing called Enslave,Odyssey to the West. This game follows our hero Monkey and his companion Trip. Now with the main character named Monkey you getting Dragonball images in you head,well your partly right. The story of this game is taken from the story Journey to the West about the monkey king,which is where Dragonball got it's idea from. The stroy is taking place in a future earth where "mechs' have taken over the earth and turn the human race into slaves. Monkey is awaken in a transport ship that is crashing towards earth,and he sees Trip breaking out,so Monkey tries to meet up with her,but she out runs him. After the ship crashes Monkey wakes up to find a Controller Helmet and is told by Trip that if he doesn't help he'll die and if she dies he dies. So this game has wonderful visuals, fantastic graphics and wonderful voice acting. I give the game a high play rating of 5 packs of crispy bacon!

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