Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Are some people that close-minded?

 Hi everyone. Well I know that this is my blog where I post my toy reviews or toy news,(if I ever post any). Today I am going to talk about a conversation I had with my neighbor today, in which he said about the shooting in Aurora,Colorado didn't really happen because,now get this....wait for it.........he wasn't there to see it with his own eyes. OK,now everybody let that sink in. You know, let your brain work it out. Now that you have removed your palm from your face, let me go into detail, in his logic is that what we are seeing in the news, papers an internet, by the media is all lies. Anyone with half a brain cell would know that it happened. it's everywhere you look. IF we went around how this guy think then do we really exist, because you know we didn't see our folks do the deed that made us, or the moon landing, or anything that ever happened in history because we didn't see it. I believe I have some mental fortitude and I am logical, but to say something like that makes me not want to live on this world. Also he went on to say it worse to kill a cow then a human. That he feels sorry for the cow as he eats the hamburger, well then......STOP EATING THE DAMN THING! Come on people we live in a world that people like this vote. I am not saying we go out and beat all the stupid people with a lead pipe, we would run out of pipes before we where done. God gave us a brain, use the damn thing people. I know we can filter out the bull-shit and know facts,but to blatantly ignore them is down right.......... I have no words to say how bad it is.
  So as normal people would say,why? Why is this person allowed to live,well I guess with out the stupids life would be boring. I think it comes down to the fact that I have an IQ and I use it, that people that close their minds to the world are doomed to live their lives sheltered and uneventful.   Thank you for reading and give me your thoughts.