Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Halloween reading of "The Raven"

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Transformers ROTF Brawn review.

Today's Review and upcoming review specials.

Well,how about a sneak peek at today's review as well as some upcoming ones? What was that? Yes? OK!
Well today's review will be on ROTF Brawn!

I really like this figure.ROTF Brawn is an up-grade from hi G1 mini-bot counter part. He's got guns and guts.
Next up is some week long videos that I hope you enjoy.

 Up 1st is,Power Rangers Jungle Fury Zords.

Each day of this video reviews,you'll get the video review and some nice HQ photos of the zord.

And last but not least.
Human Alliance Week!

All of the Human Alliance figure,(par HA Mudflap who is a bitch to find). Pics and Video per episode.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

What's in a name? or Solar Storm Grapple

With the new line called "Reveal The Shield" we got the 1st look at "Solar Storm" Grapple. Thats right his name is Solar Storm Grapple you know Hasbro and names Trailbraker is now called Trailcutter,Outback is now called Fallback and dont get me started on the new names they gave the Reissued Insecticon. Most of us collectors will call him Grapple and thats it.
So lets talk about the toy,he is a repaint and retooled of Classic 2.0 Inferno. New head,redone arms and side panels. The paint job is very G1 looking. Alt mode is fantastic,his crane mode is very nicely done.
Robot mode made me "squee". The new head looks very G1,with a crane as a weapon,LOOK OUT CONs!
It is my opinion that is is very FULL NAKED BACON!

REDO REVIEW: Marvel Legends 360 Unleashed Doc.Ock reivew

Friday, October 1, 2010

MARVEL 360 Unleashed Doc. Ock. 1st REDO REVIEW

So I have picked this figure to be my 1st REDO REVIEW. It is the MARVEL 360 Unleashed Doc. Ock figure. This figure is really nice and very detailed. So enjoy the video.


So last night I was going threw my older reviews and I had and idea. I am going to redo some of my older ones with better lighting and camera. So look for new videos soon.