Sunday, August 29, 2010

CRAPPY TOY REVIEWS: Beast Machines Optimus Primal

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Japan version of HFD Voyager Prime

The Japaneses toy collectors have their own version of HFD Voyager Prime,this one has Battle Hooks. Now the new Voyager Prime is a smaller version of Leader Prime from ROTF line in the US. In the Hunt For Decepticons toy line we got a Leader Prime with Battle Hooks. Now the Japan toy line has a Voyager Prime that is a smaller version of HFD Leader Prime sporting the hooks as well. In my opinion it looks alright,but I don't know if I will drop down the money for it.

Generations Blurr DO WANT!

So the Transformers Generations toyline has a repaint that most collectors are wanting. That is Blurr, he is a repaint and slight retooling of the Generations Drift figure. With a smaller spoiler and new head mold, we get for the first time an "earth mode" Blurr. I myself would love to get my hands on this figure not only he it Blurr but it is a very cool mold as well. It also sports two hidden guns where on Drift there are swords.So wonder how fast  John Moschitta can say "Bluur is the fastest thing on all of earth and Cybertron!"

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

G1 Encore SkyLynx Review

The review for Aug 17 2010

Today's review will be G1 Encore SkyLynx. This is just a short written review of the toy. SkyLynx is a very nice toy with 1 modes and two beast modes as well as a combined beast mode. He also has a walking/rolling gimmick. The video today will show off all points to this toy.